Have you just been informed that your IELTS score must be a 7 in one month?

Would you like to use your vacation time to study for the IELTS?

Have you only just made the decision to enroll in a master’s program?

This post is for you if you’re pressed for time and have questions about the value of intense IELTS training.

Before considering whether taking an intensive course is a good option for you, read on to get all the information you need.

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What Do You Give Up Getting Faster?

To make items easier for us to consume, businesses have trained us to expect simplified versions of them.

The issue is that they frequently fail to uphold the necessary standard of quality.

A candidate for the IELTS should ask themselves, “Can I afford to downgrade my preparation in order to speed it up?”

The response is simultaneously yes and no.

How is it possible to have both a yes and a no?

The times can be shortened, quite simply, provided that we do not decrease the minimum effective time demanded by each applicant.

To put it another way, a business with relevant experience ought to be able to determine the bare minimum of class hours you’ll require and design a program to meet those needs.


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Who Is Capable of Teaching an IELTS Intensive Course?

We can promise you one thing after preparing thousands of students: rigorous courses call for the most experienced teachers.

The fundamental cause is that you have less reaction time when the preparation period is severely compressed.

That is, the teacher must quickly determine your strengths and limitations for your work plan to change as you advance.

This suggests extensive IELTS preparation experience; hence, a true expert must instruct an intense IELTS course.

The dynamics of the training must be managed by an IELTS intensive specialist.

Keep in mind that the workload is compressed: thus, it’s critical that the student understands when the sessions can and should be more rigorous or relaxed.

The candidate should arrive prepared, confident in his or her abilities, and never worn out or frustrated.

Online or In-Person IELTS Intensive?

Effective IELTS preparation is key.

When we talk about an IELTS Intensive Course, the objective is no longer efficacy but efficiency.

In other words, to get the required score in the given timeframe.

Both an IELTS online course and a face-to-face course can produce good outcomes for a candidate.

However, the online course is much more efficient because it makes the most of study time.

  • No time consuming useless activities: You have little time till the exam so always make sure you have a perfect time allocation. Consider a candidate who, on average, needs 30 minutes to travel (including putting on shoes, moving around, greeting colleagues, etc.).
    This indicates that he or she wastes one hour of study time for each session. If you have three weeks to prepare, you will spend 15 hours on a task that, in all honesty, doesn’t help you at all.

    Always look for courses that allow you to maximize your preparation time if you have a deadline approaching.
  • Gives you access to the top courses: As we saw in the previous point, not all test preparation businesses offer high-quality intensive IELTS courses.
    Intensive online IELTS classes will allow you access to the finest quality without forcing you to limit yourself to those in your area if you’re looking for real expertise and knowledge.

    If you’re pressed for time, trust the experts instead of taking a chance.

Make sure the company has actual experience in online training if you decide to take an online course.

A solid online course needs customized materials and, most importantly, a business with a top-notch technological foundation.


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  1. A good IELTS intensive course  is not about minimizing the hours but about defining the hours you need and delivering them in the time you have available.
    Intensive IELTS classes do not follow the principle of less is more.
  2. In addition to the scheduled class time, a good intense course will involve a substantial teaching load. Don’t be duped by empty promises; you need to put in the hours of independent work to speed up the preparation process. You must keep improving until you achieve your objectives.
  3. Verify that your teacher has training in IELTS preparation. Not just any English teacher will do.
  4. You require an instructor who is adept at controlling the IELTS rigorous course schedule. The training process is compressed during an intensive course thus, it’s important to comprehend both individual and/or group rhythms. It is crucial to know when to work more and when to relax. A good instructor knows how to do this from spending a lot of time instructing IELTS intensive courses
  5. Online intensive courses are a superior option, as they allow you to optimize your study time and access the best service provider wherever you are.
  6. An online course enables you to review previous lessons, monitor your progress using dashboards, communicate with your teacher outside of scheduled class times, and so on. Verify that your school has the necessary infrastructure in place and that “online” does not merely refer to video conference connections and PDFs.

Hopefully this blog post has resolved all your doubts. However, if you have questions in regards to your IELTS preparation, get in touch and we will let you know how EPIC PREP can help you achieve your goals. Differently, if you preffer to continue reading here is the link to our IELTS courses page.

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