You’ve probably seen a lot of websites offering TOEFL exams. As with any other exam, it is important to know the structure and content of the exam before taking it. Taking TOEFL practice exams will not only avoid surprises but will also help you understand how to organize your preparation. In this article we will tell you what types of TOEFL level tests there are and how to use them to improve your performance on test day.

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Types of TOEFL Level Tests

There are many ways to categorize simulation tests: according to the channel (online or paper based), according to whether they try to emulate the conditions you will encounter on test day, according to whether they are TOEFL past exams or are inspired by them, etc. In this article we are going to categorize them into:

Full Simulation Exams

These are exams, either official or inspired by the official exams, whose particularity is that they evaluate in a complete way the 4 parts in which the TOEFL iBT (and the TOEFL iBT Home Edition) is divided. They include Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Since they are complete exams, you must make sure that they replicate the TOEFL iBT exam as closely as possible. They are simulations that must have the same distribution of questions, level of difficulty, evaluation criteria and time requirements as the TOEFL exam.

Partial Simulation Exams

These exams, unlike the previous ones, replicate one or more parts of the exam. Their function is to give the candidate a quick glimpse of what the test is like. They are very common simulations of a single part for the candidate to practice during their preparation. As a candidate, you must ensure that these simulations maintain the level of difficulty and the evaluation criteria of the part being tested. Neither the time requirements nor the weights of the different sections are important here.


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What Is the Purpose of the TOEFL Mock Test?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the use of mock tests can positively help you in your TOEFL preparation. Let’s look at 3 ways in which you can use them:
  1. Diagnostic: It is especially useful in the initial phases. As you can see, I say phases in plural because you can make a complete and/or partial diagnosis for each of the 4 sections of the test. To diagnose your level, you only need to use a partial simulation test because you want to know how you are doing with respect to the knowledge necessary to take the TOEFL. Here is a link to a partial test that we have prepared in order to diagnose your current TOEFL level.
  2. Concept practice: Once you are immersed in your preparation, it is highly recommended that you contrast the knowledge you are studying with practical exercises. For this purpose, partial simulation exams are an excellent option. Do not get obsessed with the resolution times just yet. At this stage in the game, it is all about answering correctly what you are asked. Use partial exams by sections of the exam to validate which areas you are already doing well in.
  3. Finalizing your preparation: You have already reached the final phase and you have assimilated all the necessary concepts to face the TOEFL. It is time for you to do complete simulations of the exam to see what your score is. To do so, we recommend you practice in a realistic environment. You can use past exams inspired by TOEFL, but always try to replicate:
  • Test structure and order
  • Level of scoring requirements
  • Channel.. Remember that the test is online.
  • As you get closer to the test day, become stricter in this aspect.


Simulation tests are a necessary complement to a good preparation. The TOEFL is a complex and very peculiar test, so it is not enough to just simply practice for the TOEFL exam to get a good score. Use partial and complete simulation tests as we have indicated and, above all, if possible, put yourself in the hands of real professionals to achieve your goals.

Hopefully this blog post has resolved all your doubts. However, if you have questions in regards to your TOEFL preparation, get in touch and we will let you know how EPIC PREP can help you achieve your goals. Differently, if you preffer to continue reading here is the link to our TOEFL courses page.

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